Master the Selection Day Process

Many lawyers who would make excellent judges fail to get appointed for the wrong reasons. It is not usually down to a lack of ability or preparation but one or more of the following:

  • Not being familiar with what is required by competency-based processes.
  • Not have done an interview in years and sometimes never having been subjected to a competency based interview.
  • Not firing on all cylinders during their selection day in the way they normally would in their professional life;
  • Consequently, underperforming  and coming across like a rabbit in headlights.

This is often a shock to many lawyers who are used to consistently performing well under pressure in court or challenging client meetings. Applicants will rarely come out of a selection day saying that the interview questions or role play scenarios were difficult. They usually recognise that it was their performance that let them down.

What is not appreciated is that when one is outside of their comfort zone, with something vested in the outcome and the questions are about them, underperformance is the norm.

No matter how thorough your preparation, if you have do not understand what the right targets are and how to hit them and have not engaged in effective mental preparation, then you will inevitably fail to give your selection day your best shot.

Knowing What to Expect and Best Practices

Even where applicants have been through a Selection Day, they often come out of the other side still  unclear as to what was expected  and whether they delivered. Our video coaching program ensures you know what to expect and suggests best practices for navigating both the interview and role play.

Efficiently Recall Examples

Many applicants are concerned that they will struggle to recall examples they haven't thought of in years, in response to questions they haven't anticipated. Video 8 explains the some simple 4 step strategy that has enabled hundreds of our clients to do this almost effortlessly during their selection day interviews.

Maintain and Communicate Clarity, Focus and Confidence

To help ensure you complete your selection day in a calm, focused and confident state our selection day training videos contain the researched backed, proven strategies and techniques that we have shared with over 1000 lawyers and judges over the past 12 years. Many are used by Olympic athletes and special forces operators to ensure they are ‘are in the zone’ approaching their challenge with the right mindset.

Being in the right state and having the right mindset are critical to your success because how you feel determines how you perform. 

Our 8 Information Packed Videos Address:

  • Interview Fundamentals inc categories of questions, structure of answers, length and examples.
  • Interview question examples with suggested factors to consider.
  • Role Play Targets and Traps inc navigating chaos, time management, engagement, mindset and preparation.
  • Optimal Performance Under Pressure. Myths, triggers, consequences and strategies to use pressure to your advantage.
  • Breathing strategies for remaining calm, centred and clear headed. Easy to implement techniques used by Special Forces Operators and elite athletes to achieve optimal performance.
  • How to instantly change your state from fearful to fearless. How you feel determines how you perform. You can spend days preparing thoroughly but if you are in the wrong state on the day you will underperform. This video contains 3 research asked strategies to instantly change your state.
  • Mental rehearsals – The number one strategy of elite athletes and high performers. This video walks you through the 6 principles for conducting effective mental rehearsals that you can use for both your interview and role play.
  • 4 Magic Principles for Navigating Interview Challenges. Simple, intuitive and highly effective. Described by clients as a 'game changer'.

Each lesson comes in the form of a content-packed video that you can watch or listen to from your desktop, laptop or handheld digital device 24/7 as many times as you wish.

30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Martin is the founding partner of JAT. He practiced at the bar from 1990 until 2004, specialising in Judicial Review. Consistently recommended in Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500 as a 'leader in his field', and finalist for the 2004 Human Rights Lawyer of the Year, Martin appeared in a number of high profile cases, several of which went to the House of Lords and European Courts.

Throughout his career at the bar, Martin trained other lawyers on behalf of various professional organisations, in his specialist fields.

Martin is trained and qualified in a range of communication and human performance disciplines including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and body language. He has expertise in Performance Psychology, Neuroscience and stress reduction techniques including QiGong, Meditation and advanced breath work practices. In his performance and stress reduction work with clients Martin also uses cutting edge technologies.

Martin's clients include silks, senior partners, heads of chambers, judges, military personnel, business owners, athletes and politicians.

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